Jet Express Club

Our priority
is your comfort

About us

Jet Express is a catering company

Jet Express is the first catering company providing General aviation flights with food all over Belarus. We hold exclusive agreements with best chefs, restaurants, and food suppliers which allows us to prepare dishes of highest quality and taste.

Our overview

Our company has more than 8 years of experience in the field of catering for private flights in Belarus and Lithuania.
Over the years we’ve completed more than 1000 orders with over 10.000 dishes prepared.

Your comfort is our priority

Customers appreciate our ability to work in a team, which provides a multifaceted and comprehensive solution to assigned matters.

CEO quote:

Duty, confidence, comfort – these are the words Jet Express lives by. We place great emphasis on taste and service. Catering doesn't end with delivery. Therefore, we are more than catering.